For over 35 years, Michela Ferriero has realized modern brides’ dreams. Infused with Italian artisan tradition, our dresses boast trendy lines and precious embroideries, epitomizing the unmistakable mermaid style. Founded by a couple passionate about bridal fashion, we’re a second-generation business, born from Atelier Pantheon. Michela Ferriero’s cutting-edge style, appreciated globally, shifts the boundaries of modern bridal fashion. Our mission is to shake up bridal fashion, amuse and surprise clients, and design high-quality, 100% Made in Italy gowns with carefully sourced fabrics. Tradition, innovation, and a new co-creation process define our values.

Michela Ferriero’s wedding dresses embody timeless tradition and modernity. Crafted with Italy’s luxury tailoring tradition, they constantly innovate, catering to bold personalities who deserve nothing less than a throne. Our dresses transform brides into real divas, making dreams come true with unique splendor. A blend of centuries-old tradition and modern production technologies sets us apart in a world clamoring for excellence amid mass production. Michela Ferriero stands as a beacon of elegance, marrying heritage with forward-thinking design for life-changing moments.